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Cube Audio Loudspeakers

"With entire system* for less than 25'000 $ you have a system that can compete with multi-million dollar systems. I know because we hear them."

                                                                                                          Peter Breuniger, Avshowrooms

                                                                                                     *the system - Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini, Tektron 2A3/300BPSE-I, Sparkler CD S503

  • The most realistic sound ever.

  • Enjoy lifelike vocals and instruments.

  • Experience holographic sound stage and unbelievable bass response.

  • Purest sound possible - there are no crossovers in Cube loudspeakers.

  • Very easy to drive by your amplifier.

  • Luxury design and high gloss finish. Other finishes are available on request.

  • Over 30 worldwide distributors are available at your convenience.

10" Fullrange Loudspeakers

8" Fullrange Loudspeakers

What Cube uses say about their speakers

My Cube Audio Nenuphars sound so incredible. I’ve been playing them for 9 months and they get better sounding all the time.
You have created a legendary speaker.



Cube Audio Nenuphar V2 line upgrades. 


Upgrade Testimonials

I now have put about 150 hours on the new V2 F8 Neo drivers and I have to say that I am very impressed. You managed to make an excellent speaker even better. 

To me they seem to have improved the sound with respect to practically every parameter. Certainly there is more tonal density/fullness which renders instruments and voices more natural sounding. And they achieve this without sacrificing any speed, clarity, or resolution. 

The tonal fullness has had an added benefit. Music which was difficult for me to listen to, because it was too thin sounding, is now much more listenable and enjoyable. 

Apart from the fact that this widens my music library in general, it is also of benefit to me in a more personal way. 

I have a fair amount of such music to which I have an emotional connection... not because it is great music but because it is music that I listened to when I was a teenager. So to be able to listen to it now is a personal bonus for me. 


Nenuphar Mini

Many years ago when we started experimenting on full range drivers we had one very simple goal in mind - “To make the best full-range drivers and speakers ever”. For some time now we have gathered very positive feedback from all over the world. There are many reviews that praise Cube speakers and suggest that the goal has already been achieved.​


However we are never satisfied and are constantly experimenting and develop new even more courageous concepts like 15" full-range drivers. Over 2 years of experiments resulted in better understatement of secrets of full-range drivers and we decided it is high time make use of all those experiences and not only present new entry level F10 Select drivers and Jazzon speakers, but also update and upgrade best selling Nenuphar line. 

It is a slight enhancement and final polish of those golden diamonds. All of the magic is still present. We just addressed the feedback that we were collecting from all of happy Cube users.  There was slight change of whizzer geometries, voice coil, and cone coatings. 





So how to get the upgrade and what is the price?

Nenuphar, Nenuphar Monitor, Nenuphar BASiS - 1500 Euro / pair

Nenuphar Mini, Nenuphar Mini Monitor, Nenuphar Mini BASiS - 1200 Euro / pair

How does the upgrade look like? 

The upgrade can be done by your local representative either the dealer or distributor. If there is no representative in your country you can send the speakers or just the drivers to the closes one, or directly to us. The upgrade itself is done by replacing entire aluminium frame with the cone, suspensions, and voice coil. So entire operation should take no more than a day. 

Upon returning the drivers will be upgraded to V2 version and since the enhancement is only on the drivers side, the loudspeakers will be considered V2 as well. 

The distributor will replace the moving assembly and add to the speakers / drivers back-plate a special holographic sticker to confirm that it has been upgraded to version V2. 


If you have any questions regarding upgrades feel free to contact us.                                                 

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