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Cube Audio Loudspeakers

"With entire system* for less than 25'000 $ you have a system that can compete with multi-million dollar systems. I know because we hear them."

                                                                                                          Peter Breuniger, Avshowrooms

                                                                                                     *the system - Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini, Tektron 2A3/300BPSE-I, Sparkler CD S503

  • The most realistic sound ever.

  • Enjoy lifelike vocals and instruments.

  • Experience holographic sound stage and unbelievable bass response.

  • Purest sound possible.

  • Very easy to drive by your amplifier.

  • Luxury design and high gloss finish. Other finishes are available on request.

  • Over 30 worldwide distributors are available at your convenience.

10" Fullrange Loudspeakers

8" Fullrange Loudspeakers

What Cube uses say about their speakers

My Cube Audio Nenuphars sound so incredible. I’ve been playing them for 9 months and they get better sounding all the time.
You have created a legendary speaker.


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