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Cube Audio Jazzon v2

The best fullrange loudspeakers
Enjoy the most natural, live and emotional sound at home


Cube Audio loudspeakers - 10 years of experience in High End Audio world


Cube speakers are all about the magic of the solo driver. Decade of continuous development have resulted in the most advanced full-range speakers on the market.

Because the F10 Select driver itself has amazing tonal balance, there's no crossover in the signal path to degrade the sound. The full range driver is directly connected to the amplifier and reveals all the nuances of sound.


Several years after its release, a v2 version of the driver was created. It, thanks to an increase in magnetic field strength, gained even greater differentiation of musical material and gave the possibility to adjust the tonal balance with a simple passive filter created on high-quality components.

The changes in the new speaker are not limited to the design of a new magnetic system. The geometry of the diaphragm has been radically changed, along with a new top suspension adapted to it.

The speakers are equipped with a 4-position switch for adjusting the full range driver.

Position 3 of the switch allows listening without any adjustments, position 0,1,2 correct the bandwidth by 1,5 db each.

This treatment is intended to make the system easier to configure and adapt to the room and preferences.

  • New version of F10 Select v2 full-range speakers

  • Speakers that will blow your mind if your room is  15-30 meters

  • Very effective TQWT enclosure make for a truly exceptional experience

  • CNC machined and hand assembled in Poland. 

  • Amazing dynamics, lifelike vocals and instruments reproduction known so far from our neodymium F10 Neo drivers

  • The highest sound quality complemented by a minimalist design and beautiful high-gloss and satin lacquer and wood finishes.


​Impedance: 8 Ohm

Max power: 40 W

Efficiency: 88-92 dB (depending on filter position)

Frequency response: 35 Hz - 18kHz ( 6db)*

​Dimensions:  30 x 40 x 94 cm

Weight: 35 Kg ​​  

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3 Years Warranty

By placing the order we will contact your local distributor and within 24 hours they will contact you to arrange the delivery of your new amazing speakers.


There are 3 Years warranty on the speakers. We will help you in all of your questions and unexpected situations. 

Srajan Ebaen,

"Jazzon changes the game. It's really a widebander for the masses."

Peter Breuniger, AVShowrooms

Cube Audio Jazzon. One of the best speakers I've ever heard.

Stuart Smith,
HiFi Pig Magazine

A listen in Cube booth at High End was actually quite revelatory and both Lin and I went away muttering that they sounded excellent. What did impress me, though this is no review, was the amount of fast and clean bass these speakers pump out.

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