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Matei Isak

"The way the Nenuphar presents the different layers of music is easy to grasp, even for the untrained ear. Instruments sound like instruments and human performers captivate with a greater level of realism when the Nenuphars are paired with the competent and potent audio companions. "

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Terry Eringi & Peter Breuniger

"Comparing Cube Audio Nenuphar Mini to some of the finest systems I heard, it was very hard for me to believe that such an accurate and detaild speakers combined with Tektron amp coupld also have so much wormth. It's the best of both worlds. For less than 25'000 $ you have a system that can compete with milti-million dollar systems. I know because we hear them. This system is sppectacular. This is 10/10 ... this is it ...  it is my dessert island system." 

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Srajan Ebaen

"Reviewing the Nenuphar was a personal highlight in going on two decades of reviewing here and elsewhere."

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Peter Breuniger

The Nanuphar is the most transparent and lifelike speaker I have ever heard. 

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Hi Fi Knights

Dawid Grzyb

Nenuphar might seem as a do-it-all case and to quite an extent it was. Its audible linearity, acceleration, openness, downstairs reach and top end extension indicated so. Still, it’s a full-fledged widebander and it acted like one in my room. In spite of high-performance attitude normally off the table for such goods, the Nenuphar sang in inherently very expressive, charming and seasoned way, that was heard loud and clear. 

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Audio Backon

Jay Luong

Clean, pinpoint imaging, fantastic layering, and FAST. I expected these speakers to be more uplifted in the treble region but there was a beautiful layer of dense color. Admittedly, a very difficult balance to achieve in an audio system.

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