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Michael Girardi, Stereo Times

The emotional connection with the music on the speaker is off the charts. Once you listen to vocals on the Cubes, it's "Game over" for most multi-driver loudspeakers."

Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

Reviewing the Nenuphar was a personal highlight in going on two decades of reviewing here and elsewhere.
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Peter Breuniger, Avshowrooms

Nenuphars are cutting edge product that might be one of the breakthrough loudspeakers of the last 25 years.

"With entire system for less than 25'000 $ you have a system that can compete with multi-million dollar systems. I know because we hear them."


                                                                                                              Peter Breuniger, Avshowrooms

Cube Audio Loudspeakers

The most realistic sound ever.

  • Enjoy lifelike vocals and instruments.

  • Experience holographic sound stage and unbelievable bass response.

  • Purest sound possible - there are no crossovers in Cube loudspeakers.

  • Very easy to drive by your amplifier-  3 Watts per channel are plenty enough

  • Luxury design and high gloss finish. Other finishes are available on request.

  • Over 30 worldwide distributors are available at your convenience.


Best selling loudspeakers are listed below.
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Cube Audio V2 Upgrades

If you already enjoy the Nenuphar line loudspeakers, you can upgrade them now to version V2.

Build your own loudspeakers with
Cube Audio drivers

Build your amazing loudspeakers in 6 easy steps starting at 1790 Euro for the 8" speakers project. 

1. Select your driver.  8 or 10 inches drivers available.

2. Choose the best cabinet design for your room size and music preferences. 

3. Order the drivers and download cabinet plans. 

4. Build the cabinets in your garage with basic tools. 

5. Since there is no crossover just connect the speakers to the amp.

6. Turn on the amplifier and enjoy the most amazing sound you ever had. 


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Best selling drivers are listed below.
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Cube Audio V2 Upgrades

If you already have the F8 Neo or F10 Neo drivers, you can upgrade them now to version V2.


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