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 Fullrange speakers of XXI century 

    We believe that fullrange speakers can be the final answer to the great question - "What speakers are the best for me". They can offer a listening experience that multiway loudspeakers struggle to deliver. The level of openness, dynamics, micro and macro details, the illusion of listening to the live concert, amazing midrange and last but not least amazing soundstage, are very well known to all fullrange speakers fans. 


    For over four years we were developing 8" and 10" full range speakers that possess all advantages of classically known fullrange drivers, but do not have all of the weak points. After few hundred prototypes and countless hours of developing and listening to them, we believe that we managed to achieve our goal. 


    Finally, the most innovative fullrange drivers are here to challenge the status quo and present the speaker that can, not only satisfy, but also provide a continuous astonishment to all music lovers.

Reviewing the Nenuphar was a personal highlight in going on two decades of reviewing here and elsewhere.

Srajan Ebaen, 6moons


Cube Audio Loudspeakers

Amazing musical experience



Top of the line 10" fullrange drivers + 12" active subs

29'900 Euro / pair

Nenuphar BASiS accompanied by double subs are the most advanced and the most capable Cube Audio speakers yet

The amazing rich and limitless speakers can work  brilliantly in 25 - 100  square meters


Amazing 10" fullrange driver loudspeakers

15''900 Euro / pair

The Nenuphar is the first really fullrange loudspeaker available. 10 inch driver designed by Cube Audio makes this the most advanced single driver speakers ever.  Dedicated for rooms of 20 - 40 square meters. 


Amazing 10" fullrange driver loudspeakers

15''900 Euro / pair

The Nenuphar Monitor has a special 10-inch driver designed by Cube Audio and due to quite compact size can be used in smaller rooms.  Dedicated for rooms of 12 - 25 square meters. 


Top of the line 8" fullrange drivers + 10" active subs

22'900 Euro / pair

Nenuphar Mini Monitor accompanied by double subs are the most advanced and the most capable 8" Cube Audio speakers yet.  Amazingly  rich sound and limitless bass extension can work  brilliantly in 20 - 60 square meters.


11'990 Euro / pair

Nenuphar finally has a smaller brother. New top 8 inch neodymium driver makes this new loudspeaker phenomenal. 


11'990 Euro / pair

Since the F8 Neo driver has even richer sound balance, we are able to offer a new monitor loudspeaker.  If you want top performance in a small cabinet - this is the choice for you. 


7'990 Euro / pair

Magus is our top 8 inch luodspeaker that offers second to none listening experience.  It is dedicated for 15 - 30 square meters rooms.


5'990 Euro / pair

Bliss C is where is all started. swe are very proud of this loudspeaker and it is an amazing choice for all music lovers.    It is dedicated for 15 - 30 square meters rooms.

SUB 12

7'900 Euro / piece

A true bass beast with a very fast and tight bass,  easy integration with any of our fullrnage speakers. 12" woofer in sealed cabinet combined with 200W AB class amp will rock at your place like a star.

SUB 10

6490 Euro / piece

 Amazing SUB with a very fast and tight bass,  easy integration with any of our fullrnage speakers. 10" woofer in sealed cabinet combined with 200W AB class amp is a great addition to any of our 8" fullrange loudspeakers.


Cube Audio Drivers

Can you Do It Yourself? 

F10 neo

5'980 Euro / pair

Top of the line 10" fullrange loudspeaker. Absolute beast. Powerful neodymium magnet motor, special 3 whizzer cone geometry and unique voice coil design make this driver the most advanced one yet.  


3980 Euro / pair

Amazing 10" fullrange loudspeaker. Powerful mixed magnet motor, special 3 whizzer cone geometry and unique voice coil design make this driver the great choice for all DIY enthusiast. 

F8 Neo

4'980 Euro / pair

New flagship 8 inch driver is finally available. The control of the cone by the neodymium magnets based magnetic motor is out of this world. The new king is already here.

F8 Magus

2'980 Euro / pair

Second to none 8" fullrange driver. Big magnetic motor and unique design makes it an amazing choice.


1'580 Euro / pair

This is where everything started. First driver that we are very happy with. All of the best no compromise solutions meets very attractive price. What more can you ask for.



"The emotional connection with the music on the speaker is off the charts. Once you listen to vocals on the Cubes, it's "Game over" for most multi-driver loudspeakers."

"My quest for finding a loudspeaker that I could live for a long time is over - my new reference."

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—  Mike Girardi, StereoTimes

Srajan Ebaen

The cult movie  Highlander introduced the notion of a late-time Quickening. Then there could only be one immortal man (don't ask). In our niche or perhaps cult genre of the unassisted widebander sans tweeter/woofer helpers, Nenuphar is that one at the end when all other contenders to the throne have been decapitated.

Peter Breuninger

Doug Schneider

Srajan Ebaen

The Cube Audio Nenuphar, to me, so far is my reference wideband loudspeaker.  Cutting edge product that might be one of the breakthrough loudspeakers of the last 25 years.. its a 10 inch single driver.

To opis Twojego projektu. Niezależnie od tego, czy Twoja praca bazuje na tekście, fotografiach czy wideo, krótkie streszczenie na pewno pozwoli odwiedzającym witrynę lepiej poznać i zrozumieć Twój projekt. Wykorzystaj część poświęconą mediom, aby pochwalić się swoją pracą!

 €6'000/pr buy a lot more stuff. "Get stuffed then" is how the Bliss C might retort if you can't hear the difference. Which is perfectly fair. This a non-mainstream proposition. It's not aimed at your typical pound-for-pound guy who equates quantity with quality.

Jay Luong

Terry Eringi

Doug Schneider

Dawid Grzyb

Cube Audio F8 Magus speaker ($9,900) and First Watt F7 amplifier ($3,000). Clean, pinpoint imaging, fantastic layering, and FAST. I expected these speakers to be more uplifted in the treble region but there was a beautiful layer of dense color. Admittedly, a very difficult balance to achieve in an audio system. I’m sure this is due to the much warmer sound of the F7. If there was an example of system synergy, this would be it."

 The Cube Nenphar loudspeaker which translates to Cube Water Lilly in English debuted at hifideluxe 2018 with the new 10 inch Cube driver, the F10 neo. Grzergorz talks about the flower design of the drivers, with four cones, on the AVShowrooms Video. The speakers, driven by the Tektron tube electronics, went way down and deep on a track from the Fidelio recording, “Les Sept Paroles Du Christ”. The sound was big, bold, fast and accurate.

So I was surprised by the Bliss C’s fairly deep bass and well-extended highs. But what really took me aback was its natural-sounding midband, which was largely free of the gross colorations that plague most such designs. Had I not seen the Bliss C’s driver configuration before I heard it, I would probably have guessed it to be a small, multi-driver floorstander. The Cube Bliss C is one of the best single-driver speakers I’ve heard.

This review’s Nenuphar quickly reassured me in my findings and truly delivered where it mattered the most, on performance it scored ridiculously high notes. During its stay at my place, it swiftly blew away several seasoned aficionados who visited me, not even one had seen it coming. But most importantly, it left me speechless enough times to emerge as one of the finest loudspeakers I’ve came across regardless of price and type..

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