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Cube Audio Lotus 10

The best fullrange loudspeakers
Enjoy the most natural, live and emotional sound at home


We are very pleased to offer you our brand new design.

In the Lotus 10 loudspeakers we have used a new generation Cube Audio full range driver.

It features a redesigned magnetic circuit giving exceptional impulse response and ultra-low distortion.

We redesigned membrane geometry and introduced a new top suspension and a new type of coil carcass.

The lowest registers of the Lotus 10 loudspeaker, together with the full range driver, are reproduced by a woofer designed for sound uniformity. The membrane material and coating in both speakers are twinned. 

The drivers operate in a unique 1.5-way arrangement.

The speakers are equipped with a 4-position switch for adjusting the full range speaker.
Position 0 of the switch allows listening without any correction, position 1,2,3 correct the bandwidth by 1,5 dB each respectively.

Additionally, it is equipped with an impedance correction switch. It serves to facilitate cooperation with low-power tube amplifiers.

This procedures are designed to make the system easier to configure and to match the room and preferences.

The result is excellent coherence, directness, exceptional micro- and macro-dynamics, realistic voices and an unmatched soundstage.

Cube Audio loudspeakers - 10 years of experience in High End Audio world

  • Flagship loudspeakers

  •  Speakers that will blow your mind if your room is 20-60 meters

  •  Cube Audio Lotus 10 - 1.5-way loudspeaker based on Cube Audio F10 Lotus drivers and dedicated 10-inch woofers

  •  Very effective cabinet with optimized transmission line

  • CNC machined and hand assembled in Poland. 

  • The highest sound quality complemented by a minimalist design and beautiful high-gloss and satin lacquer and wood finishes.


​Impedance: 6 Ohm

Max power: 60 W

Efficiency: 89-95 dB (depending on filter position)

Frequency response: 25 Hz - 20kHz ( 6dB in "0" switch position)*

​Dimensions:  30 x 53 x 105 cm

Weight: 50 Kg ​​  

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3 Years Warranty

By placing the order we will contact your local distributor and within 24 hours they will contact you to arrange the delivery of your new amazing speakers.


There are 3 Years warranty on the speakers. We will help you in all of your questions and unexpected situations. 

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We will contact you within 24 hours confirming the availability of the speakers. If we have a local distributor in your country we will send them your contact details so that they can help you with the order.

Thank you for sending your order. We will contact you withing 24 hours and will help you with everything.

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