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Cube Audio F10 Select fullrange driver

F10 Select is the newest 10" fullrange driver.  It opens the 10" line and is the easiest driver to apply in a DIY projects. Being a fullrange driver that requires no crossover while keeping high 8 Ohm impedance and 90 dB efficiency makes it perfect driver for any DIY design. We recommend bass reflex, TQWT or Open Baffle designs. 

F10 Select Drivers

  • Cube Audio magical sound character

  • Sounds excellent not only with tube amps but also with many class D & T chip amps

  • Rubber surround - at least 30 years lifespan for the drivers

  • Underhung magnetic motor design

  • Great for Bass Reflex, Sealed, TQWT and Open Baffle designs

  • No crossover is necessary for a single-driver speaker configuration

  • Free DIY plans are available

  • Price 2990 euro per pair of drivers - an estimated cost for DIY speakers: 3500 euro

So what are the main differences between the F10 Neo and F10 Select drivers?

The F10 Select driver has a ferrite-based magnetic motor and maintains the same magnetic field gap of 9 mm with an underhung design. The X-max value of both drivers is the same; thus, the cone control by the magnetic motor for F10 Select is very good. However, due to the lower magnetic field (1.7 Tesla) of F10 Select, the sound contour and microdetails, while still extraordinarily good and way above those of the majority of audiophile speakers, are not at the same groundbreaking level as in the Nenuphars.

We also knew that we wanted to end up with smaller loudspeakers than the Nenuphar, so to keep the sound balance that we all like, the efficiency of the drivers had to be brought down a bit. We decided to aim for a sensitivity of 90 dB since it is the value that would work out beautifully with over 99% amplifiers on the market. The drivers have an impedance of 8 Ohm
and are very easy to drive. Basically, any 8W SE 300B amplifier would be able to rock the house.

The cabinets of the Jazzon loudspeakers using F10 Select drivers are smaller than those of the Nenuphars. They are 10 cm smaller in depth and 5 cm smaller in height, resulting in 30 x 40 x  100 cm cuboid-shaped cabinets.

Thiele / Small parameters

Fs  = 28 Hz 
Re  = 9,4 ohms
Le  = 0.138 mH
Qt  = 0.58
Qes = 0.63
Qms = 14.58
Cms = 0.72 mm/N

Mms = 30 g
Vas = 185 liters
Sd= 346 cm^2

Bl  = 9.2 Tm

Xmax = +- 2.5 mm*

Xdamage = +- 6 mm
Sensitivity = 90 dB

Impedance = 10 Ohms

* Voice coil remains in 100% of the magnetic field.


Speaker dimensions:

Width / height = 260 mm

Depth = 107 mm

Weight = 6 kg

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