Do It Yourself

Doing it yourself is a very satisfying way to get the most amazing sound while remaining the project to be very cost effective.

There are many DIY  audiophile loudspeakers projects available, but more often than not they require experience, some electronics knowledge, and multiple hours of fine tuning. 


Here you can get the easiest way possible. We basically did all of the work for you. The drivers require no crossover so all you need to do is a little bit of woodworking.  The plans for the cabinets are available for free and depending on your skill set or tools you can make the cabinets in your garage, spare room, or even a balcony. 

Amplifiers that are working very well with all Cube Audio speakers 

Up to 4'000 Euro

  • First Watt SIT-3

  • Feliks 300b Arioso

  • Fezz Audio Lybra 300B

  • Fezz Audio Mira Ceti 300B

  • Music book 250 Power 

  • Naim Audio XS2  

  • Naim Audio Uniti Atom 

  • Sun Audio 2A3 

  • Quad Artera Pre + Power 

  • Tsakiridis AEOLOS PLUS EL34

  • Tsakiridis Hermes EL84

  • Tsakiridis ORPHEUS 211

 4'000 - 10'000 Euro 

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